Who We Are


New Zion was founded in a modest home by Rev. Boyce R. (B.R.) Robinson on March 7, 1948 with nine members (Earnest Moore, J.A. Anderson, Jeremiah Robinson, Sr., Willie Lewis, Mary Moore (who also named the church), Lorena Moore, Elizabeth Robinson, Arlene Campbell, and Girlie Anderson) who accepted the duty to “keep the charge of the Lord.” The congregation quickly outgrew members’ homes and moved into a tent later in the summer of 1948. New Zion hit another milestone in 1971 when it erected its first building for the Lord. In 1984, New Zion welcomed its second pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Robinson, Sr., who led the Church into the new millennium. 2004 was another momentous year as the Church welcomed its third pastor, Rev. Henry Williams, Jr., and opened the doors of its new sanctuary which we currently meet in. Fast forward to 2019 and New Zion welcomed its fourth and current pastor, Pastor Barrington Johnson, and completed renovations on its sanctuary in 2021.     

Come get to know us and join us on our journey to becoming a W.E.L.L. Church. 

Our Mission 


We were created for God’s glory and exist for His benefit. As His created beings He desires our worship. Worship is when we bless God with the words from our lips and honor Him with our life. 


God demonstrated His love towards us by extending His grace to save us from our sins. That same grace God has given us is intended for all of His created beings. As a result, He wants us to reach out to the least, unlikely, and the lost with the Gospel of Grace so that all will come to know Him. 


As followers of Jesus, we are expected to become more like Him as we journey through life. In order to become like Christ, we have to learn about Him through His Word. It’s through His Word that we transform from the person we used to be into the person Christ intends for us to be.


Love is what summarizes God’s affection for His creation. He demonstrated that by sending His Son Jesus into this world to die for our sins. The entire written word of God is a love story about God and His people. In the way God has loved us, we are to commit to loving everyone else. We love because He first loved us. 

Our Vision

Connecting People to Christ and Each Other

Core Values

Spend time with us and you’ll see we are committed to six core values. Everything we do flows from these commitments and shapes who we are as a people and as a Church:

  1. Lost people matter to God, so they matter to us too
  2. Every member is a minister based on the gifts God has given them
  3. We are culturally relevant but Biblically sound
  4. Christ is the center of everything we do
  5. Love is the reason why we do what we do
  6. We will always put the needs of others over our own (We Over Me)

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