Discipleship Plan


A multi-week class for individuals who have expressed interest in joining New Zion Missionary Baptist church.  The class will provide a comprehensive overview of who we are and what we believe. Upon completion of the class, each new member will receive the “right hand of fellowship” from the church body.


At some point after receiving Salvation, each person must continue to grow in their understanding of God.  This class will review core aspects of the faith that are critical to the journey of becoming more like Christ.


Believer’s Education is a weekly class that discusses various topics covered in the Bible. This class will encourage attendees to regularly study the Word of God and learn how to apply the Word to their daily lives.  


This class is intended for individuals who are new to the faith, returning to the faith, or just need a fresh start.  The class will examine what it means to be new in Christ Jesus, as you let go of your past and look toward the future.


Being a Church Member is not the same as having a membership at the local YMCA.  Many churches fail or end up in a constant state of decline because their members don’t understand what it really means to be a church member.  The book titled “I AM A Church Member” by Thom Rainer will be the source for this class.

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