2021 Black Business Expo

What is the Black Business Expo?

It is an event that is destined to be the BIGGEST black expo held at a church in Charlotte, NC.  A place for small black business owners to showcase their products, creativity, and heritage. This event will be a key place to network with other like minded individuals.

There will be a live DJ, live music, food trucks & vendors all in a kid friendly environment.

 This is VERY cost effective for all vendors that choose to take part in a dream opportunity to promote their business! 

How much is the COST TO ATTEND?

  • For vendors who want to sell products (i.e. apparel, skin care, food trucks) your vendor fee is $50.
  • For vendors who do not have products (i.e. healthcare information, marketing purposes only) your vendor fee is $25


Q: What time can Vendors set up?

A: Vendors are allowed to start setting up at 9:30am

Q: What will Vendors need to bring?

A: All vendors will need to bring their own set up equipment (i.e. table, chair, tent)

Q: How big will each vendor space be?

A: Each vendor will be given two standard size parking spaces for their booth

Q: What is the deadline to register?

A: The deadline to register is June 27, 2021

Q: What if I have additional questions:

A: Email all questions to millennialsofnz@insidenewzion.org